Last week it was the Formex fair in Stockholm., it’s a fair mainly for interior.

This was the second time I participated and it’s fair to say I’m quite a ”fair rookie” and even if I just love my furnitures it’s not the easiest assortment to carry around?.

Others who has more routine comes with big teams of ”roddare” almost like on a rock concert. And schof schof they are ready.

My team was myself, Rickard, our children and girlfriends. It worked out perfect and as I’m used of family businesses I just love when my close ones are involved. Payment- a fantastic lunch at Mc Donald’s ?

When it was time for decoration of the stall the team was changed to Frida and my mother. They both have the eye for details.

Before the fair our biggest worry was that our new textile concept that Frida has designed would make it in time for the fair.

But two days before the fair everything came so we had plenty of time, looking from an Indian perspective. We were sooo relieved.

So finally we could tell ourselves being ready for the show when the door opened.

And it is very nervous to get people’s reactions for something you worked so hard for! Would they like it?

But I’m happy, very happy with the outcome. So now it’s time to start delivering?.