STOCKHOLM * JAIPUR Sourcing is a purchasing, production and sourcing company in fashion and interior design.


We are a company with an experienced team offering support with sourcing, buying and production within the fields of fashion, interior and accessories. 

The company is run by Sofie Gunolf in Sweden and Jayan Nair in India

With more than 30 years of working with production in India we are aware of the challenges of monitoring from distance.  We also see the big possibilities and efficiency when being close in each step of the production chain.

We can help you to realize your dreams and grow sustainably by assisting you with your sourcing, production and follow up in India.

Our love to handicrafts, people and the desire to do business with common sense in focus- benefiting both the the economy and people behind it-  is the driving force behind STOCKHOLM*JAIPUR SOURICNG


We offer:

  • Advice
  • Sourcing
  • Price Negotiation
  • Production Monitoring
  • Logistics

With our long experience from both fashion and home industry we offer you the pallet of knowhow and sustainable production from traditional craftsmenship to the latest techniques in the categories of fashion, home and accessories  .

We and our partners are constantly striving to be better and more sustainable in all aspects of production, both in terms of working conditions, environment and quality. Our partners all have established codes of conduct.

Sofie Gunolf

Already as a very young girl Sofie got the passion for the craftmanship and production in India, being the 3rd generation in the swedish family company INDISKA.

During the years she had various positions within the buying dept and the last 9 years as the CEO. In 2015 she received a honorable medal from the swedish king for the company´s valuble efforts in the swedish trade industry.

In 2016- after more than 30 years in the company she decided to open up her world to you- sustainable sourcing in India.

Jayan Nair 

The interest of the production industry of handicrafts and fashion started early in Jayans life. After gaining experience in various international Buying houses in Mumbai he joined Indiska in 96, a Swedish retailer where he got abundant exposure in every aspect of the production process.

 Independently he handled its Jaipur region and he played a pivotal role in the expansion of indiska operation from Rajasthan.

2017 he took the decision to partner with Sofie Gunolf to start their new venture STOCKHOLM*JAIPUR SOURCING.  With his  vast knowledge, passion and experience in handicrafts ,fashion and accessories he will be a great support to grow your buisness