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We are committed – Our social commitment

For several years, Sofie Gunolf, founder of Soulosofie, with his mother and stepfather in the lead, has been personally involved in an organization called the BBA (Bachpan Bachao Andola). Directly translated, this means: “Save the Childhood Movement”. The organization was founded by Kailesh Satyarthi, who in 2014 received the Nobel Peace Prize together with Malala Yousafzai. For Soulosofie’s founder, it is natural to take that responsibility into the company. In different ways to be involved and contribute to a better world for children’s rights.


Kailesh is an extraordinary man whose social conscience and commitment has characterized his entire life. It started when he was 5 years old and on his way to his first day of school. Surprised, he saw a little boy of his own age sitting outside the school with his father polishing shoes. When Kailesh asked his teacher why the boy was not in school, he received the answer: “Because he is poor!” Kailesh even asked the boy’s father who said: “Sir I have never thought of it, we are born to work!”. This boy’s fate got stuck in Kailesh memory and as he grew older, he realized that the poorest did not question their situation. In India, the last name you were born with, dictate your life path because of the caste system. As a university student, Kailesh gave up his family name, which indicated his high caste (Brahmin) and took the name SATYARTHI meaning: “Seeker of Truth”. At age 26, he even gave up his promising career as an engineer, and dedicated his life to try to Eliminate child labor and exploitation of children. He Began to work for every child’s right to education, Which is the Most Effective Way to get out of poverty. Kailesh was with Paul Baskar from Peace Trust (another friend of the family), including one of the initiators behind the Global March Against Child Labour (1998). Kailesh has often risked his own life. He has been badly beaten when he with his staff rescued children and sometimes entire families from armed angry factory owners who kept them under the Bonded Labour (work under slave contract). Today, the organization works in a different way with the support of new laws. People come together with the police and a search warrant – and use more formal ways. His actions have led to more than 80 000 children have been freed from slavery work and with the help of international pressure on the government pushed through laws against child exploitation.

SOULOSOFIE WANT TO MAKE A DIFFERENCE. We will continue to engage WITH KAILESH in various projects STARTING 2017. Join us in our work and become part of it by buying any of our unique products.

More information about our social projects will shortly be available here on our site and in our social channels.