Soulosofie [solo’so’phy] is a combination between the founder Sofie the English word soul and the notion of philosophy. The word philosophy comes from Old French Philosophy, via Latin from Greek which means “love of wisdom”.

For us, each product is unique and has a story. Just like you. In today’s throw-away society with overconsumption and excessive production of short-lived or disposable items, awareness means more than ever when it comes to your power as a consumer. Your choices are affecting the whole world, every time you consume something. How recycling of old stuff actually has significance on the basis of an environmental standpoint. How globalization has made the world more open. How opportunities to help others who are not as privileged as us – can be wiped away in the choices you make when you buy a new piece of furniture, a piece of jewelry or other items – which for us has a unique history – that is inherited by you when you purchase products and items from our store. That is also the reason why there is a limited supply of many of our products. They are unique. Just like you. Welcome to explore our world online and create something unique based on a story. A legacy to fit on to the next generation.

We believe in Karma, that everything in this world is connected and everything we do affects the whole circle. To have common sense, to do business with the heart and brain with respect for people and the environment – that is the philosophy in Soulosofie.