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“forty years ago my grandfather told me a story. not the normal fairytale told to a nine-year old, but a story about passion, stubbornness and hard work”

Forty years ago, my grandfather told me a story. Not the normal fairytale told to a nine-year old, but a story about passion, stubbornness, hard work and lot’s of laughter.
The story was about the Swedish family retail business INDISKA Magasinet – a family member present at breakfast, lunch and dinner and all the time in-between.
My name is Sofie Gunolf, and this is my story…
The smell of sandalwood and incense, the glimmering cans, the wide ruffled skirts and the colorful prints. The Indian suppliers nodding the wrong way, often having dinner at home with us. Singing and laughter, not only at home but also every time a new store opened. Every Saturday joining my mother visiting the stores to talk to customers and staff, finding out what was working and what was not. 
I felt privileged, and went all in on the family business at the age of 15. In the beginning during weekends and spring breaks, but as soon as I graduated it was full time. A choice of life, a lifestyle way beyond working nine to five.
During my 33 years in our family business I had the privilege working with every thing from gift-wrapping and warehouse logistics to negotiations and production meetings with our suppliers. The last nine years I had the overall responsibility as CEO, before I went my own path.
During my years in retail I have always had a strong belief that its possible to make business with both heart and brain. So to combine old and new therefore became given ingredients in the making of my own brand SOULOSOFIE in 2016 . Vintage furniture and decorations in combinations with textiles in linen, cotton and velvet.
The passion for handicraft and the people creating sustainable and beautiful products, all with their own unique touch and history are the pillar-stones in SOULOSOFIE. This is also something I share with my partners, both in production and design. One of them being the Swedish designer Frida Pontén, who has helped develop the SOULOSOFIE textile look and feel.
An assortment where every item has a story
This year, my grandfather would have turned 100 , and his soul is very much present in the creation of Soulosofie.
With this small brochure I hope you will get a first sense of Soulosofie and I hope that you will love the products as much as I do. .

Sofie Gunolf 


With her 30 years of love to products, people and the desire to do business with common sense in focus – benefiting both the economy and people – Sofie now opening up her world for you – Soulosofie’s World.