now we launch our new textile concept

Soulosofie by frida pontén a natural cooperation with designer Frida Pontén

With our common love for craftmanship and exclusive fabrics we have created a collection that fits as good in the urban home as in the french countryside. 

Pillows, throws, bedspreads, tablecloths and runners in natural fabrics as linen, velvet and cotton with details and wonderful stonewashes has given a collection we hope you will love as much as we do. 


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Our Soulosofie

For us each product is unique – and carries a story- just like you

Today more than ever, conscious shopping means a lot when it comes to your power as a consumer. Each choice you make, makes a difference. How recycling and reuse of products actually matters. How globalization makes the world more transparent and the possiblity to help others- that are not as fortunate- actually can make a difference in the choices you do when you buy a furniture, a textile or other item, that for us carries a story. A story that you inherit when you buy products from our brand. that is why some of our products comes in limited edition- they are truley unique.